A few useful tips for moving home

Once you have arranged your moving date, and found a quality moving company in Birmingham time will go very quickly leading up to your move. So here are a few Tips For Moving House to make the whole process go a lot smoother.

Aim to avoid moving at such times as Bank Holidays or end of school term even Fridays.

You will need at least four weeks to organise your move.
Moving home

First and for most is getting your quote; you may decide to get a few so you can choose which removal company seems the best. You can then compare this with the cost of hiring a van and moving yourself.

Once you know what is included in the cost of your removers, it’s a good idea to see what else id included, such as packing materials & insurance. Check your own insurance as well to see if any of your furniture and appliances are covered due to damage while moving.

If your house removers are delivering boxes and packing, remember these Useful Tips For Moving House and give yourself adequate time. Pack those items that you won’t be using before your move first. Be sure to label the boxes with the contents and which room they belong. You may want to enquire into the cost of storage if, for instance, you are downsizing.

Almost everyone usually has something they no longer need. This is the ideal time to get these items boxed up and marked Charity and deliver them to your local charity shop. You may also want to send out of use/ no longer needed items to the tip. You will be amazed how much extra space you have after these items have gone, leaving you more space to concentrate on packing those items you are going to take. Make sure you list and label the boxes especially with which room you want them in. If you did need extra storage space then contact us for the lowest rates in the city.

You will need to make a list of your utility companies you need to inform and remember to redirect your mail by contacting the Post Office.

You will probably need to cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers, and magazines and to arrange for ‘final readings’ of water, gas and electricity meters. Don’t forget to let your phone company know you are moving and request final bills.

You will need to notify everyone with your change of address. Including your bank, place of employment, doctors, dentist and all your friends and relatives.

Give yourself some time to plan each room in your new home of where you want to place your Furniture.

More Useful Tips For Moving House

Prior to the day of your move, pack up an ‘in between box’ to include such necessities such as kettle/tea bags and coffee, milk, mugs, loo roll, washing up liquid, plates, and cutlery. Some bottled water, bread, cleaning products and bed linen. If you did need any help with packing then contact us today.

Remember on the day to turn off all appliances, take a final reading of your meter readings.

Another important ‘to do’ is to make sure both children and or pets are safe and happy, let them make it fun by having their favorite toys. It is often just as stressful for them as it is often just as stressful for them as it may be for adults, so try to make it fun and exciting. Being positive about your move to children and lets helps them immensely. If they think you are concerned they will be too. Make your move successful by having a positive happy frame of mind.

Once you are in your new home, place your boxes in the relevant rooms (which will be easy as you have labeled them) and unpack your essential items.

Check to ensure your utilities are connected i.e. telephone and broadband.

In most instances, you will need to clean, put up blinds and curtains.

Then you might want to take a walk in your new neighborhood, find a restaurant or take away, or read some more Tips For Moving House!

Don’t forget to lock up before you go. Moving in causes people to notice and you want to be sure all your belongings are safe and secure when you return. If you don’t, you won’t be the first to experience while you were out opportunists helped themselves to your ‘clearly marked’ boxes and moved them out, without any interference from anyone!

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