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Thank you for Choosing Middleton Moving

Congratulations on choosing Middleton Moving to transfer your household belongings. This guide is intended to provide comprehensive information about our services from the initial quotation to the moving day itself.

To make sure you are prepared for your move, we have also included a checklist towards the end of this guide that includes all the important aspects to consider in the weeks leading up to it.

If there is anything else you would like to ask, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We hope this guide proves helpful in making your move.

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A Handy Guide to Your Forthcoming Move The Moving Survey

When you first reach out to Middleton Moving, one of our friendly and experienced removalists will be ready to answer your queries and set up a survey to check the content of your home. 

You can choose between a traditional home survey or a virtual video survey. The home survey typically takes an hour, while the virtual survey is much quicker as it will be conducted remotely at a time that suits you. 

Our specialist will also ask you about any fragile or high-value items so that we can suggest the best packing materials and procedures to protect them. Make sure you provide as many details as possible in order for us to create the most accurate quote for you.

What Does a Move Cost

After looking at the survey, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Factors such as the size of your home and the number of items you have will influence how much it costs to move. You’ll also need to factor in any additional services that you might require, like packing and storage.

Our quote for the move cost covers the actual movement of your items, either to the new home or a storage unit. It includes any packing that is required, VAT, transit insurance and insurance premium tax.

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Move Schedule

We will provide you with a clear schedule detailing the dates and times for your move. During this time, we will work around you to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We’ll also keep you informed of any changes or delays throughout the process.

Storage Fees

If your possessions need to go into a storage unit, we can also provide you with a quote for this. As with the move cost, it will depend on the size and number of items you are storing and any additional services you require.

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Your Move Plan

Your quotation and acceptance form will come with a move plan. This plan outlines everything related to your move, such as the timeline, pickup and delivery addresses, services to be provided (including any items that should not be moved), what you are responsible for, and storage options (if needed). Make sure all of this information is correct before confirming the move. If any of it has changed, make sure to notify our team right away.

Insurance and Waivers

Our Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance offers peace of mind, covering your items as they move from one home to another. Our insurance is underwritten by a regulated provider and will compensate you or repair/replace any goods if there is a valid claim. This policy has no excess attached to it. Middleton Moving also offer additional cover with our waiver, which will cover both properties against accidental damage. This waiver also offers flexibility should the unexpected happen, such as not being able to gain access to your new home on time or having to cancel your move at short notice.

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Cancellation Waiver

If you need to cancel or postpone your removal after it has been confirmed, you may incur a fee. You can avoid this fee by purchasing our Cancellation Waiver, which covers any changes in plans.

Accepting a Quote

Once you have received and reviewed your quotation, call Middleton Moving to confirm and book your move day. You will find an acceptance form in the quotation pack, which you need to complete and return to secure your move date.

To complete your acceptance form:

  • Select the services you need by ticking the boxes in your quotation.
  • Insert the replacement value of your goods and choose any applicable Insurance and Waiver services.
  • Confirm the date, time and access to both your old and new homes.
  • Sign and submit your acceptance back to your Move Manager. Once we have received payment, your move will be confirmed.
  • Make sure there is clear access for our vehicles which are large, similar to a double-decker bus.
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card over the phone.

Prepare for Your Move

Before you arrange your move, make sure to take the following into consideration to ensure a successful transition. Here are several tips that can assist with your preparation for the big day.

  • Pack items in strong cartons, half filled with heavier items such as books and top up with lighter items.
  • Consider having a joiner dismantle your furniture if necessary.
  • Ensure attics and lofts are clear, and any items are placed in a convenient spot prior to moving.
  • Disconnect, drain and dry cookers, washing machines, fridges and freezers prior to our arrival.
  • Take down curtains, blinds and fixtures before the removal crew arrive. Place pictures, mirrors and other items in a neat stack that can be loaded first.
  • Clothing can be left on hangers with special wardrobe cartons for the clothes; all other clothing should be packed into suitcases.
  • Bedding and linen should be folded and laid out on beds ready for packing.
  • Electronic devices such as stereo systems, TVs and computers should be disconnected, and all cords fastened together.
  • China, glass and ornaments should be individually wrapped and placed into boxes.
  • Pets and children are best not to be underfoot, so if possible, arrange for them to stay with family or friends during the move.
  • Exclusions: Our insurance does not cover certain items, such as money, jewellery and antiques. Please wrap and transport high-value smaller items yourself to ensure their safety.

We will contact you shortly after your move to confirm everything went to plan and see if there is anything else we can do for you. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and want to ensure you have a great experience with Middleton Moving.

Checklist: 2 to 4 Weeks Prior

  • Dispose of unwanted items.
  • Plan your packing.
  • Finalise a moving date.
  • Notify your insurance, utility companies, banks, credit card companies, Phone and Broadband companies, and other relevant institutions.
  • Provide your new address to any companies that have an ongoing concern with you, such as hire purchase agreements for car finance.
  • Advise the DVLA you’ve changed address – by the time your new license arrives at the address, you’ll have moved in.
  • Arrange a Royal Mail redirect from the date of the move.
  • Let the TV Licence company know before you start watching TV at your new location.
  • Find new local GPs and Dentists. Let your previous practices know you’re leaving and provide them with the new contact details.
  • Let HMRC and Pension providers know your new address.
  • Let your old council know you are moving, and register with the new area.
  • Update apps, like Just eat, and websites like eBay and Amazon with your new location so you don’t accidentally order items to your old home.
  • Update Parking permits so they don’t renew and cost you unnecessarily and arrange any new permits that you need.

Checklist: 1 to 2 Weeks

  • Follow up with your gas, electric and water companies, giving at least 48 hours’ notice of your move.
  • Return any items on loan from your local library, and hire companies or friends.
  • Pack a survival kit to get you through that first day of arrival, including light bulbs, toilet rolls, a kettle, tea bags and coffee. You’ll probably want to settle in for the evening on your first day rather than run around looking for basics.
  • Check the availability of the keys. Where will you pick them up?
  • Empty and defrost your fridge and freezer in preparation for moving.
  • Fully empty and disconnect appliances. If you still have them, install the transit brackets into your washing machine to avoid damage.
  • Clear out the attic unless it is properly illuminated and floored to allow our delivery team to access the items.

Checklist: Moving Day

  • Double-check that survival kit and add any last-minute items. You’ll be tired and thirsty by the time you reach the end of your first day in your new home, and the last thing you want is to find you can’t have a cuppa.
  • Pack bedding and label it clearly so that it ends up in the right room, ready for your first night’s sleep.
  • Once the van is loaded, check around the house and garden to make sure nothing has been left behind. Lock all windows and doors, and leave the keys in the agreed place.
  • Take a meter reading and provide it to your supplier.
  • Sign the completion form once everything is delivered to where you want it.
  • Relax